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Tourist Accommodations

Clayton County Health District - TOURIST ACCOMMODATIONS

Tourist accommodations include hotels, motels, campgrounds, and bed and breakfasts. Clayton County aims to minimize illness and injuries associated with unsanitary or hazardous conditions at these establishments. Our Office of Environmental Services is responsible for regulating tourist accommodations by administering permits, performing routine inspections, and investigating complaints, in keeping with Official Georgia Code Title 31, Chapter 28.

Rules and Regulations for Tourist Accommodations

Call 678.610.7469 for more information.

Health Inspection Scores

Environmental Health inspections help protect the public. Click here to search for the inspection scores of establishments near you.

Tourist Court Inspection Fee Schedule

Tourist Accommodations Permits

To acquire a permit for a tourist accommodation, please submit the following to the Office of Environmental Services via mail:

Requirements for Tourist Accommodation Plan Review and Permit Application

Plan Review Checklist

A tourist accommodation permit allows you to serve a continental breakfast, which may include:

  • Commercially prepared non-potentially hazardous food, served to the customer in its original container or approved dispenser/container
  • Non-potentially hazardous beverages (such as coffee and hot tea) served in the container in which it was prepared
  • Commercially packaged single servings of milk, cream, butter and cheese
  • Commercially packaged single servings of juice and condiments (such as jams, jellies, sugar, salt and pepper)
  • Whole, uncut, raw fruits that require peeling before consumption (such as bananas, grapefruit or oranges)
  • Whole, uncut, raw fruits where the peel is consumed (such as apples or grapes)

Any additional items will require a Food Service Permit in adherence to the State of Georgia Rules and Regulations for Food Service Chapter 511-6-1. Click here for further information on Food Service.