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Wastewater Management

Clayton County Health District - WASTEWATER MANAGEMENT

Clayton County Health District regulates the proper treatment and disposal of human, domestic and industrial wastes. Our Office of Environmental Services is responsible for administering permits, performing inspections and investigating complaints for on-site sewage management systems, which includes new and existing septic tanks and field lines, and for wastewater workers, such as septic tank pumpers and portable sanitation contractors.

Our goal is to protect the health of individuals, families and the community by enforcing the safe disposal of waste and minimizing the occurrence of untreated human sewage. Many diseases, such as dysentery, hepatitis, thyroid and paratyphoid, and gastrointestinal problems are transmitted through the fecal contamination of food and water caused by improper waste disposal.

Rules and Regulations

The following rules and regulations oversee the permitting, installation, maintenance and repair of on-site sewage management systems and portable sanitation service providers.

Please contact the Office of Environmental Services for more information.

Wastewater Management Applications and Requirements

Residential Septic Systems

Homeowners sometimes have a failing septic system and must face costly repairs, which often do more harm than good. Clayton County’s Environmental Services can help you protect your investment in the system and your home by providing technical support and work permits.

A Homeowner’s Guide to On-Site Sewage Management Systems has information on proper use and maintenance to ensure your home’s septic system functions properly for many years.

Click here to find lists of certified septic tank installers, septic tank pumpers, portable sanitation contractors and soil classifiers in Georgia.

Construction at a Residence With On-Site Septic Tank

If your home has an on-site septic tank and you want to install a swimming pool, detached garage, out building, or other additional structure, please review the manual for on-site sewage management systems above. Then, complete and submit the following to the Office of Environmental Services.

  • Residential Swimming Pool Construction Permit Application and applicable fee (call 678.610.7469 for details)
  • A local contact, including name and phone number