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Well Water

Clayton County Health District - WELL WATER

Clayton County Health District does not regulate private wells in the county. However, we are responsible for conducting bacterial analysis to minimize water-related illnesses. We also provide guidance on how to properly maintain well water quality. These are essential services to safeguard public health and reduce the potential for exposure to harmful contaminants.

Water Quality

Our office can provide recommendations on how to properly maintain well water quality. Our goal is to minimize water-related illnesses by providing guidance and technical assistance for installation, protection, evaluation, chlorination, sampling and abandonment of wells.

Click here for a list of contaminants that may be present in well water.

Environmental Health recommends a bacterial test every  year and a chemical screening every 3 years. If a well has not been used for 3 years, the present owner is responsible for filling, sealing and plugging it.

Click here for further guidance on private well installation, maintenance, sampling and abandonment.

Well Sampling

The Office of Environmental Services provides well sampling services to test for total coliforms and disease-causing bacteria. 

Sampling Requirements

For food and water-related illnesses, please file a complaint or contact the Office of Environmental Services.