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Emergency Preparedness

Clayton County Health District - EMERGENCY PREPAREDNESS

The Office of Emergency Preparedness and Response ensures our community is prepared for natural disaster, disease outbreaks and bioterrorist attacks. Clayton County provides the community with awareness, education and instruction for the proper preparation and response for these public health emergencies. We also partner with local, state and federal agencies, businesses, community-based organizations, educational institutions, health care organizations and emergency management services to develop effective strategies and operational plans to protect the public in case of these emergencies.

Call 678.610.7467 for more information. 

Strategic National Stockpile

The Strategic National Stockpile (SNS) provides potentially lifesaving medication when local resources are running out during a public health emergency that requires medication or vaccines to prevent disease. The lifesaving medication is distributed by Open Points of Distribution (POD) or Closed Points of Distribution (POD). Open POD sites which are open to the public and can be in a parking lot, school, or another large area. Closed POD sites are private locations where an organization provides the medication for free to their employees and their families.

Closed POD Partners

To enroll as a Closed Point of Distribution (POD) Partner, complete this form and submit via its instructions.

How PODs are used:

  • PODs may be drive-thru or walk-thru.
  • PODs are set up to provide medicines or vaccines that will prevent disease to the public.
  • PODs are NOT for treatment if someone is already sick.

PODs provide medicines like:

  • Antibiotics (bacteria)
  • Antivirals (virus)
  • Vaccines

It is important to only get medicines from official sources. Find out what, when and where PODs are opening and what YOU need to bring by following trusted news sources.

Cities Readiness Initiative (CRI) 

The ability to quickly deliver countermeasures to a large population is a prominent goal of public health. The CRI program is funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in order to prepare the cities in Clayton County (Jonesboro, Forest Park, Riverdale, Lake City, and Morrow) for a large-scale bioterrorism event. An effective response to bioterrorism includes dispensing antibiotics to the entire population within 48 hours of the decision to do so.

This program is necessary to enhance the preparedness of all levels of government and to provide a consistent nationwide approach to prepare for, respond to, and recover from a large-scale public health emergency. Clayton County was selected to participate in this federally funded program based on the population, geographical location, and potential vulnerabilities to a bioterrorism threat.

Pandemic Influenza Program

This program provides awareness to Clayton County citizens relating to pandemic influenza. Seasonal influenza viruses are a public health problem every year and are spread easily from person to person. The Emergency Preparedness staff routinely visits churches, civic organizations, daycare centers, and others in an effort to provide awareness and education about pandemic influenza.

Preparing for Disaster

Natural disasters

Man-made disasters

Recovering From Disaster

Click here to see these guides for Georgians who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Get Involved

Individuals and/or families, along with Clayton County businesses and organizations are welcome to training in emergency preparedness concepts and practices at the Clayton County Health District, or independent study courses online at www.training.fema.gov/IS. Basic courses offered at the Clayton County Health District coincide with those at the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

If you are interested, please email our Emergency Preparedness Training Coordinator or call 678.610.7247.

Medical Reserve Corps

The Clayton County Medical Reserve Corps is a local group of citizen volunteers who make their communities stronger, safer and better prepared to respond to emergencies.

The Medical Reserve Corps may be called upon for:

  • Assisting with receiving and distribution of medical supplies and equipment from the Strategic National Stockpile
  • Staffing vaccine clinics
  • Providing medical care in alternate care facilities, in the event that the hospital infrastructure is damaged or overwhelmed

To become a volunteer with the Clayton County Medical Reserve Corps, register here, then fill out an application. For more information, check out our brochure or call 678.610.7467


SERVGA is a state-based registry that provides volunteer opportunities and integrates local, regional, and statewide volunteer programs to assist emergency response and public safety organizations during a disaster. It is part of a national initiative to coordinate and mobilize volunteers to respond to all types of emergencies.

Community Emergency Response Team

Ready Clayton County is a partnership between public health, public safety, and emergency preparedness organizations throughout Clayton County. Ready Clayton County enhances community resilience by providing training and volunteer opportunities. Click here to learn more or call 770.478.8271.

Vulnerable/Underserved Populations Program

Local officials and relief workers will be on the scene after a disaster, but they cannot reach everyone right away. During a disaster, businesses, community groups, and civic organizations working with vulnerable populations can help us reach those sectors of the public. If you work closely with cultural and religious organizations, assisted living centers or retirement communities, home care providers, churches or bilingual/multilingual aid agencies, you could be a hero in your community by participating in our Vulnerable/Underserved Populations Program.

If you are interested in participating, please send us an email or call 678.610.7467.